Ignite is our next generation website design, development and hosting product, specifically tailored towards the ever evolving music industry.
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Image website designed for Grammy© nominated band Porcupine Tree, built with Ignite
Ignite delivers websites that are clean, easy to use and functional. Your fans will keep coming back for more. Sporting state of the art responsive designs, beautiful typography and robust search engine optimisation, it delivers websites to the highest standard.

Built with a creative passion for music

Ignite is built to supercharge your web presence and give your audience the most engaging, best possible experience online.

Great value

Ignite is available in a variety of website packages based upon your requirements. It is focused on value for money and service and aims to exceed your expectations and outperform the competition.

Responsive websites

All Ignite sites dynamically adapt to make them slick to use on all device types. Smartphone, tablet and desktop users all enjoy the same engaging experience without compromise.
Image website designed for Grammy© nominated artist Steven Wilson, built with Ignite

The user comes first

We take pride in putting user experience and ease of use over unnecessary complexity. All Ignite sites are built using best in class UI/UX techniques and we strive to create a native "app like" experience.

Clean, modern code

All Ignite websites are built on the very latest in web technology. As well as being secure, fast to load and easy to use, your new site will look great, too.

Top class hosting

Ignite offers optional enterprise level hosting to all our clients with, who help us deliver 99.9% uptime along with the benefits of Cloudflare's Enterprise Edge.


Booster Packs
Discover our Booster Packs - optional add-ons for Ignite that take your website functionality into the stratosphere!

Online Stores

Add a modern, beautifully branded e-commerce store to your website, featuring dynamic cart and shipping calculators, the ability to accept payments using Apple & Google Pay, PayPal & much more!

CS Mail

Harness the power of email marketing in reaching your fanbase directly to drive engagement. CS Mail combines custom, high converting email templates with the robust Amazon SES platform to ensure your emails reach inboxes, not spam folders!

Backups + Storage

Get 100% peace of mind with our remote cloud backup service for all your website files. This booster pack also includes access to our collaborative storage cloud, which gives you a space to upload and manage your files.

Steven Wilson is a Grammy nominated English musician and producer. In a career spanning more than 30 years, Wilson has made music prolifically and earned widespread critical acclaim. Nevertheless, his work has largely stayed away from mainstream music, being described by publications such as The Daily Telegraph as "the most successful British artist you've never heard of".

Since 2012, Crystal Spotlight has worked closely with Steven Wilson to deliver engaging quality content through his website and social media channels.

We have assisted in promotional campaigns for multiple studio albums to date with SW – 2013’s ‘The Raven That Refused To Sing’, 2015’s ‘Hand. Cannot. Erase.’, 2017’s ‘To The Bone’, 2021's 'The Future Bites' and 2023's 'The Harmony Codex'.


Dream Theater is a multi grammy award nominated American progressive rock band formed in 1985 in Boston, Massachusetts. As of 2017, Dream Theater have sold over 10 million records worldwide.

Dream Theater approached Crystal Spotlight in the summer of 2017 to overhaul the band’s online presence. In September 2017, we launched a modern, responsive, content packed website for the band that brings together their wealth of material to create a deep, immersive experience for the new or experienced fan.

In 2019, we managed the online promotion for their 14th studio album 'Distance Over Time' and in 2021 we worked with the band once more on the campaign for their 15th studio album 'A View From The Top Of The World'. Both album campaigns were very successful, with the band scoring high chart positions all over the world, including a no.1 album in Germany for 'Distance Over Time'.

Crystal Spotlight also manage Dream Theater’s online channels to generate engaging, quality content for their dedicated fanbase.