Steven Wilson

Eminent Sleaze

Video Concept by Miles Skarin, Steven Wilson, Simon Moore
Video Produced by Crystal Spotlight
Director, Editor, VFX – Miles Skarin
Production Manager – Jack Hubbard
Gaffer, Lighting Technician – Anthony Welch
Hair and Makeup – Charlotte Bella
Location Manager – Andrew Mechen / Bizspace
Thanks to Rob Skarin, Rotem Wilson & Bowie

The Making of Eminent Sleaze

“With the video for Steven Wilson’s “Eminent Sleaze”, we imagined a near future dystopia where rampant mass consumerism had driven the world to extinction.

In the video, Steven Wilson portrays the CEO of THE FUTURE BITES, who were responsible for the world’s demise. We wanted “Eminent Sleaze” to have stylish cinematography and visual effects that would reflect the bold, clean, black, white and red branding aesthetic of the corporation. 

We are very proud of the end result, particularly the thought provoking twist ending”Miles Skarin