Lonely Robot


Directed by Miles Skarin
Cinematography by Miles Skarin
Visual Effects by Miles Skarin & Jack Hubbard

The Making of Spiders

“After the previous science fiction videos we had created for Lonely Robot, ‘Spiders’ presented us with an opportunity to do something different.

We wanted to create an intense, fast moving, claustrophobic video that reflected the ferocious anger present in the song’s chorus.

There are a lot of simple practical effects used to create the atmosphere we wanted. This included using projections, a lightbulb spinning on a piece of string, prism lenses and more.

There’s also some computer generated effects here too, most notably a full facial reconstruction of John Mitchell which was used to depict the shots of the large spider crossing his face – admittedly that one might have been a bit too tricky to achieve practically!”Miles Skarin