Canary Yellow

Director, Editor – Miles Skarin
3D Modelling, Animation & VFX – Miles Skarin
Additional 3D Modelling & Animation – Jack Hubbard

The Making of Canary Yellow

“Primarily inspired by the nuclear weapon test sites conducted by the USA in the 1950’s, the video for Haken’s ‘Canary Yellow’ features a family of mannequins before and after they are blown to smithereens by an atom bomb.

Lyrically the song deals with a “nuclear family” on the verge of imploding and visually we used that as a metaphor around our story of the mannequins and the test site.

This video really did push us to our limits creatively and we were so overwhelmed with all the positive feedback we got online after it was released – a massive thank you to everyone who watched and commented!”Miles Skarin