Developing a custom VIP ticketing system for Haken

Selling VIP passes direct to Haken’s biggest fans!
Written by Rob Skarin
Published on March 1, 2024

For their North American tours in 2023 and 2024, Haken wanted to be able to offer a special VIP experience at each show for their most dedicated fans, with passes sold directly through their official website. In order to facilitate this, we built an e-commerce add-on to the band’s website that was able to offer digital VIP passes for each show. In order to verify legitimate tickets, the system needed to be able to generate QR codes for each ticket and for each to have a unique identifier.


At each show, a member of the touring crew was able to use an easy to use mobile app to “check in” attendees, verifying each fan presented digital ticket with each unique QR code. This data was then fed back to the website to be able to track number of tickets bought and fans that had attended.

The Haken VIP ticketing system built was closely interlinked with our advanced email marketing tool, CS Mail. This allowed us to reach out directly to the VIP upgrade purchases to send digital tickets as PDF’s but most importantly be able to dynamically remind them of the VIP timings at each event on the tour. Due to the logistics on tour, the time that each venue permitted VIP attendees into the venue changed night from night, so the system needed to be able to provide accurate information and reminders and make the whole process of attending a breeze for the fans.


Haken’s VIP experience was a truly memorable experience for fans, offering exclusive items, a signing, photo opportunities and even access to premium seating for Haken’s soundcheck performance! To date, the system has handled VIP tickets for two North American tours, one in 2023 and the other in 2024, with the most recent tour to promote their critically acclaimed album ‘Fauna’.


VIP photos credit: Jake Ten (check out his Instagram!)