VIDEO PRODUCTION / cinematography

"In 2017 we travelled to the beautiful island of Giske in Norway to produce a full length studio film for the band Iamthemorning.

The film, 'Ocean Sounds', was a fantastic opportunity for us to show what we are capable of producing in terms of cinematography and editing. Ocean Sounds gave us so many beautiful scenes seen through the windows of the studio. It was a truly incredible experience and an absolute pleasure to capture on film.

We are immensely proud of the final film and would like to thank the band and their label Kscope for placing their trust in us to deliver their creative vision."


"Like Iamthemorning’s music, the film is unfussy yet filled with wonderful small details. There’s no restless editing here; instead we are treated to lingering shots of the players as they perform. As well as every small nuance of the music, the camera picks up tiny details that flashier footage might omit.

Whether it’s the Ocean Sounds logo on a recording device, a fleeting expression on someone’s face, or flickering readouts in the control room, it seems nothing is too small to be captured for posterity. It lends the film an unhurried, relaxed feel that lulls even the most impatient viewer into a suitably receptive frame of mind."

- Echoes and Dust (Oceans Sounds Review)

“It was the most inspiring place for us to work in, surrounded by the sea, mountains, wild flowers and gorgeous Norwegian sunsets. All of the natural splendour we don’t see that often.” 

- Marjana Semkina

The audio recording, mixing and mastering were handled by regular collaborator Vlad Avy, the film was produced and edited by Miles Skarin at Crystal Spotlight, with additional camerawork from Adam Warne. The watercolour artwork was designed by Constantine Nagishkin.

Ocean Sounds is released as a 2 disc CD + Blu Ray set which includes the film and hi-res audio on Blu-ray; the audio on 180g LP; digitally and is available to order HERE.