James McFadden

VIDEO PRODUCTION Since 2017 we’ve worked on a variety of video projects for the gifted North London based singer-songwriter James McFadden. The most ambitious of these projects was ‘The Maker Made’, a music video that enabled us to combine our skills of cinematography, animation and visual effects. We continue to work with James and his manager Ross at Deaf Fret … Read More

The Mute Gods

VIDEO PRODUCTION / cinematography / VFX Since 2015, we’ve assisted the rock band The Mute Gods with video production projects to promote their music. The band’s leader Nick Beggs has been hugely supportive of our work and the videos we’ve created for The Mute Gods are each unique in their concept and execution, whilst staying true to Nick’s creative vision. … Read More

Andy Burrows & Matt Haig

VIDEO PRODUCTION / animation “For Barcelona, Andy Burrows & Matt Haig had written a beautiful song and wanted a unique video to help bring their lyrics to life. What we came up with was a vibrant, colourful animated video that reflected the positive instrumentation and lyrics that the song possessed. The concept of presenting a fully animated miniature version of … Read More


VIDEO PRODUCTION / cinematography “In 2017 we travelled to the beautiful island of Giske in Norway to produce a full length studio film for the band Iamthemorning. The film, ‘Ocean Sounds’, was a fantastic opportunity for us to show what we are capable of producing in terms of cinematography and editing. Ocean Sounds gave us so many beautiful scenes seen … Read More

Kayak – La Peregrina

The first stage was to establish a character design and direction, since our animation would focus on our characters’ interaction with La Peregrina. Our initial approach leaned towards wooden mannequins, but our final characters were smoother, with soft edges and curves. Clothing was created in Marvelous Designer, where we had freedom to create detailed and physically accurate fabric creases. Autodesk … Read More